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I was 17 then, stood outside a legacy airline’s office with my CV in hand for Cabin Crew interview, and witnessed many candidates getting rejected in the first round on the basis of "not being presentable".

It was the hard way of being introduced to the concept of ‘grooming’, and one of the best way’s to understand its emphasis on life out of college.

With formal qualifications in Cosmetic Chemistry, in time Corporate grooming, Salon ownership & management, Hair & skin care, Diet, Profile management were areas I gained professional experience. What started as a learning curve eventually became a passion turned into a full time job.

The flying job takes you around the world. You are exposed to brands world wide & you over indulge in personal care products. Back then the job required you to have a flawless skin & fabulous hair, a norm that may seem quite relaxed in the industry today. Being a Salon owner puts that extra pressure. How you could you possibly sell someone a facial with a bad skin yourself?

Personally there was a need to have a product that I could trust myself & my family with. The next thing, PAVANITO was conceived. Formulated by me, recipes that use natural butters, oils, essential oils & plant derived extracts to create a line that smells as well as feels right on hair & skin. Products that are made in small batches where the entire procedure from making to bottling & labeling is done by hand.

Launched in 2014 at a local farmers market with just 5 products, the brand now has a portfolio of over 50 products. Sold exclusively at regular weekend exhibitions & organic markets in U.A.E. 

This is thoughtful grooming, this is PAVANITO.